Slutty wives flashing

Myself and my wife have been swingers for a number of years and through a swinging dating site we met another couple who we have been playing with for the past year. Both the girls get on like a house on fire, sharing the same sex drive and sense of adventure as well as the same dirty wives. They refer to themselves as sluts and they absolutely love to fuck and suck young cock.

It was to this end that they came up with their latest scheme. They placed an advert on the swinging dating site offering the opportunity for younger guys to some and see slutty wives flashing. They would do it in a public place and guys could watch and wank and if they liked them, maybe more.

As you can imagine, the opportunity to watch two slutty wives flashing was enough to stir a huge amount of interest and our message box was rammed! The first flash was going to be at a car park in the countryside, it was like going back to our old days as doggers. The girls got suitable attired and we went out. They told everyone who had enquired (around 40 people in just over a day) where they would be and when and we went along at about 10pm for an 11pm meet.

Well, I could not believe it, about 20 guys turned up all together, anxious to watch the slutty wives flashing, and boy did they put on a show, with some lesbian action on a park bench and the bonnet of the car, followed by them giving out blow jobs and fucking several of the cocks. Our slutty wives flashing advert had proven to be a winner.

The girls returned to the car exhausted and and drenched and cleaned themselves up. We couldn’t wait to get them home so we took it in turns to share the wives on the journey home. The girls enjoyed it so much they begged to do it the following week and us being gentlemen we naturally agreed. The slutty wives flashing show was this time on an industrial estate and if anything had even more guys there.

We have now perfected our slutty wives flashing adverts, only putting them on line in the early evening so that we do not get too many people on the night. We try to do it every other month and the amount of mails we get with the subject line slutty wives flashing asking when we are next out needs to be seen to be believed.

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