Horny Essex housewives

There is little more exciting then horny Essex housewives, you can only imagine what goes on behind the curtains of suburbia!I am going to tell you the tale of a friend who was employed as a door to door salesman and when the came across a group of horny Essex housewives all thoughts of selling anything went straight out of the window. His job was to sell insurance products and he was required to call on well to do houses and try and get the occupants to sign up. He called on one house one day and got much more than he bargained for!

The lady of the house answered the door, mid 30’s and very attractive and he start6ed his sales pitch. She seemed interested and invited him in, telling him that some of the girls from the neighbourhood were around having a morning coffee, so he was welcome to come in and chat to them all. When he was invited into the lounge it was full of hot and horny Essex housewives and they gave him a cheer. The half empty bottles of wine confirming this wasn’t quite a coffee morning after all, despite it being only 11 am. They began to make dirty remarks, cat calls about his cock and what they were going to do to him were prevalent. Continue reading “Horny Essex housewives”

Shy Brentwood wife likes swinging

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My Brentwood shy wife wants to try swinging and since I don’t know much about the lifestyle, I’m posting this here in case anyone wants to take us under their wing and teach us more about the swinger lifestyle. She’s very conservative but can turn buck wild in a heartbeat and she has never been with anyone but me which is probably why she is fascinated by swinging. Ideally we want to be introduced softly to the whole she-bang, not dive into the deep end. We want to meet other swingers first, establish a rapport and then take things from there. Continue reading “Shy Brentwood wife likes swinging”

Grays couples seeking single guys

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Hopefully this is the right place to place this and hopefully it nets us a lot of responses. We are a Grays married couple looking for single guys. We’re both bisexual but you don’t have to be although if you are, then you get to fuck both of us. How is that for honesty? The wife likes to be fucked by multiple men at the same time. She prefers bareback so please be disease –free (she is too) and please be comfortable showing off your fucking skills while other men watch. Continue reading “Grays couples seeking single guys”

Harlow submissive housewives

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My name is whatever you choose to call me. I’m a Harlow submissive housewife in search of a master to dominate me and have his way with me. I’m ready to serve and to be used to bring my master pleasure; I just need to find the right master. I have always been submissive but my husband is not into the lifestyle and I feel like a huge part of me is dead without this lifestyle. I need to have a strong man dictating my every move and controlling me to the extreme. Join For Free.
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