Shy Brentwood wife likes swinging

Essex slut with a very hairy pussy is looking so proud of it in this naughty nude selfie. Desperately seeking sex in Essex.

My Brentwood shy wife wants to try swinging and since I don’t know much about the lifestyle, I’m posting this here in case anyone wants to take us under their wing and teach us more about the swinger lifestyle. She’s very conservative but can turn buck wild in a heartbeat and she has never been with anyone but me which is probably why she is fascinated by swinging. Ideally we want to be introduced softly to the whole she-bang, not dive into the deep end. We want to meet other swingers first, establish a rapport and then take things from there.

I’ll most likely be just watching but she wants to know what it’s like to get fucked by other lads and since I want a happy wife, I’m willing to let her experience that. Seeing her happy will definitely make me happy. Sexually she is very open minded and adventurous and she is one of those people willing to try anything once she gets out of her shell. For someone with very little practice, she is very good with her mouth so you won’t be disappointed in that area. This is your chance to add a vibrant sexual woman to your crew of swinger friends.

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